Urgent! A man Was Arrested for a Bomb Threat to the Submarine ARA Salta

A 63-year-old man was arrested today in a raid in Balcarce after threatening to bomb the Submarine ARA Salta located in Mar del Plata.

After a raid in the town of Balcarce, a 63-year-old man was arrested. He is accused of having threatened by telephone about the presence of bombs in the ARA Salta. The Submarine is stationed in the Naval Basin of Mar del Plata, the same place where the ARA San Juan was moored.

The man is accused of being the one who called at least three times warning about a presence of bombs in the Submarine ARA Salta. These calls date from the first week of February and each of them had to deploy an operation to check if the threats were true or if it was a lie, how it turned out to be in each case.

This not only generated concern in the Naval Forces but also in the families of the crew of the Submarine ARA San Juan, since since January they have been carrying out a vigil in the place where they planned to moor the ship on their return.

man was arrested after threatening to bomb the submarine ARA Salta

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Source: La 100 Cienradios