Ultrasound: New Spy Submarine Project Appears in the Media

The new U.S. submarine project, which has so far not been released in the press, reveals the direction of the future development of the US Navy, writes Popular Mechanics magazine.

In turn, an analytical article of Covert Shores draws attention to the images of the submarine.

The U.S. magazine notes that the Sub 2000 submarine represents a “radical break with previous U.S. submarine designs,” because it has two shells, is compact and has a “flat” design.

The publication emphasizes that the Sub 2000 was designed as a standard submarine, however, it can be used in reconnaissance missions. In particular, ship configurations allow the deployment of external receiving devices and intercepting magnetic transmissions on the seabed near the opponent’s shore.

Ultrasound New Spy Submarine Project Appears in the Media

In addition, the Sub 2000 received some underwater drones, suggesting that it is intended to replace the second-generation USS Parche.



Source: Sputnik News