Ukraine Will Not Build Corvettes for Brazil

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The Brazilian Navy has reduced the list to 4 projects for the Tamandare class corvettes construction program. This is reported by

Initially, Brazil was offered 9 projects. The choice fell on the Meko class from TKMS, Sigma 10514 from Damen, the Corvette from Fincantieri and Gowind from the Naval Group.

Among the currently selected shipyards are Aguas Azuis (Embraer and TKMS), Damen-Saab Tamandare, Fincantieri Leonardo Vard, Villegagnon (Naval Group and Enseada).

Also, Brazilian companies (Type 31e), 2 Indian shipyards (GOA Shipyard and GRSE), STM (Turkey) and the Ukrainian Ukrinmash offered their services to Brazil.

Ukraine will not build corvettes for Brazil

Corvettes for the Brazilian Navy must meet the following requirements: length – 103.4 m, 12.9 m – width, displacement – 2790 tons, autonomy – 4 thousand nautical miles, maximum speed – 25 knots.



Source: Maritime News of Russia