Ukraine Prepares “a surprise” in the Equipment of its ‘Mosquito Fleet’

The Navy of Ukraine could soon receive armoured boats with unexpected equipment, said the Navy commander, Vice Admiral Igor Voronchenko, quoted by several Ukrainian media.

“For now I will not reveal details, but I have proposed several ideas on additional equipment to the producer of the armoured boats, the adversary will face a surprise,” said the senior military official.

The statements of the Ukrainian Vice Admiral occur with the tensions in the background in the Sea of Azov, controlled by Ukraine and Russia. In the short term, the Ukrainian fleet will receive landing and assault boats of the Kentavr class, he said.

“I think they are good, their capabilities are superior to those of the similar [boats] of the Raptor class with which the Russian Navy is equipped,” said Voronchenko.

He also recalled that the Ukrainian fleet currently has six small armoured boats of project 58155, also known as the Giurza M class. This figure includes four launches that recently entered the service of the Ukrainian Navy.

These boats are effective in coastal areas, specifically in the missions of protection of communication systems, port infrastructure and river mouths, and added that they are the right option to operate in the Sea of Azov, as they have little draft.

Voronchenko acknowledged that this number of ships is insufficient to talk about the so-called ‘mosquito fleet’.

The creation of the ‘mosquito fleet’, capable of repelling a possible enemy attack, is expected to end in 2020, as marked by the Development Strategy of the Ukrainian Navy until 2035.

This document is being prepared in cooperation with the United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, the United States, Turkey and Sweden.

Ukraine Prepares a surprise in the Equipment of its Flotilla of Mosquitoes

The president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, declared on July 1 that the Ukrainian Fleet would return to Sevastopol – currently on Russian territory – and assured that the flag of the country will “re-flow in the bays” of the city.



Source: Mundo Sputnik News