Two Surfers Dragged by Current Rescued in Ritoque Chile

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Strong waves swept them out to sea from where they had to be rescued by a helicopter and a naval patrol boat.

Two young surfers had to be rescued by the Navy in the vicinity of Ritoque after the current dragged them out to sea.

The information was confirmed by the Maritime Authority itself who had to have a helicopter for a quicker approach to the area, in addition to a patrol boat that arrived in the sector to transfer the young people.

The same army broadcast a video with the rescue maneuvers where both exhausted athletes are appraised at the moment of being embarked to the patrol boat in the middle of the strong waves.

Two Surfers Dragged by Current Rescued in Ritoque Chile

Recall that until Saturday the Navy has maintained the warning of swells from the southwest and the recommendation has been precisely to avoid nautical activities in sectors open to that component.


Source: Puranoticia