Two Missing After Collision Between Chinese Ships

Two sailors disappeared today after the sinking of a ship that collided with another one on the coasts of Guangdong province in southern China, the rescue teams confirmed.

The sunken ship was cargo and is called Xinying F069, while the second is called Haikou 9 and transported 970 passengers and 140 cars from the Xiuying port of Hainan province to the Hai’an New Port terminal in Guangdong.

The tragedy occurred this morning and five crew members of the freighter fell into the water. Rescuers found three of them alive, but they are still searching for two others.

An investigation is underway to determine the causes of the accident.

Last month, an oil tanker, registered in Panama, sank off the coast of China with 136,000 tons of crude oil condensed in its warehouses, one week after colliding with another and remaining in flames.

As a result, 29 people disappeared, three were confirmed dead and a huge fuel stain remained in the place.


Source: Prensa-Latina