Two Lost Peruvian Fisherman Have Been Found Dead, There is One Still Missing

In the morning of today, it was announced of the sad news of an accident in the open sea that occurred at dawn, where a small panga of fishermen overturned. As a result of the accident, two seamen died whose bodies were rescued by their companions but another has not yet been found.

The bodies were deposited on the shore of the sea, in the area known as Laguna de la Bocana a few meters from the borderline of parallel 28, in the territory of the state of Baja California.

One of them identifies him as Edwin Guzmán who had a residence in Guerrero Negro and the other with the nickname El Mojarra, originally from Puerto San Carlos. The one that is still missing has no identification data.

two seamen died

Due to the fact that the bodies were deposited in the territory of the state of Baja California, in the area known as La Isla, in Venustiano Carraza port, it will correspond to the Attorney General’s office in San Quintín, which will take charge of their removal, as well as your forensic analysis to determine the causes of death.


Source: colectivopericu