Two Japanese Ships Are Trained with the Patrol Vessel ‘Vigia’ in Spanish Waters

The Spanish military ship, based in Cádiz, is carrying out surveillance work in the Alboran Sea.

August 2, 2018. While many Spaniards begin their summer vacations, the tall patrol vessel ‘Vigia’ continues his work within the Maritime Security and Surveillance Command. This is one of the permanent missions of the Spanish Armed Forces, in which this vessel is responsible for conducting surveillance and security operations in the waters of the Alboran Sea.

But that day was special for the crew of the ‘Vigia’, whose front is the captain of corvette Pedro J. Arenas, commander of the P-73 (numeral side of this military vessel). During the day, the patrolman made a ‘PASSEX’ with a Japanese naval group formed by the school ship ‘Kashima’ and the destroyer ‘Takanami’.

Friendship and interoperability

“The ‘Passex’ are tactical exercises that the navies of third countries propose to the Spanish Navy when their units are scheduled to sail in national waters,” said official sources. The objectives of this training are, on the one hand, to strengthen ties of friendship and cooperation and, on the other, to implement common tactical procedures that guarantee the interoperability of ships of different nations.

Although these types of exercises are usually habitual, the special thing about the occasion is that, as they explain from Armada, “it is not usual to have the opportunity to do them with Japanese ships due to the great distance that separates us “.

In this case, the ‘Vigía’, which is based in the Cadiz Naval Station of Portales, and the vessels of the Japanese Navy were more than three hours carrying out joint training of radiotelephone communications, visual communications and tactical evolutions.

Two Japanese Ships Are Trained with the Patrol Vessel 'Vigia' in Spanish Waters

In addition to conducting surveillance in the Alborán Sea within the framework of the permanent operation of Maritime Security and Surveillance, from 1 to 14 August, the high-altitude patrol vessel ‘Vigía’ contributed to the operation ‘Sea Guardian’ of NATO in the Mediterranean, a mission that aims to deter and combat international terrorism.



Source: La Voz digital