Two Countries Are Interested in the Purchase of the Submarine S-80

In Navantia they prefer not to reveal who the potential clients are, but they speak of a serious interest. One of the contracts would be of “great impact”

This is confirmed by internal sources of Navantia: the S-80 already begins to arouse interest outside of Spain. At least two countries would have shown a “serious interest” in a possible purchase in the future. A positive news that joins the good results of the tests of the propulsion system AIP, which make the S-80 in the submarine with greater autonomy under the sea around the world.

It is a project that came to be on the line. The multibillion-dollar extra costs, the design flaws, the difficulties in the production and development of certain pioneering technologies and the bad reputation that reached the project – which crossed borders – threatened the survival of this.

However, the S-80 project not only begins to see the light, but points to that could end up becoming an industrial success at the international level. At least, this is predicted by well-placed sources of Navantia with which El Confidencial Digital has been able to contact.

As they claim, Navantia knows the “serious” interest of two countries before a possible order of submarines S-80 in the future. The consulted voices, which assure that this interest has arrived through “the usual commercial channels”, declined to give more clues about these two hypothetical and potential clients.

These sources also explain that this interest would have been reinforced in recent months thanks to news about the viability of the AIP propulsion system, which makes the S-80 the conventional non-nuclear submarine that has greater autonomy sailing under the Water.

Although these voices are reluctant to give clues about the two foreign navies that have set their sights on the S-80, one of the future contracts ” would have a huge impact ” for the company. The other, they say, is important but ” does not reach the four units requested by the Spanish Navy.”

Two Countries Are Interested in the Purchase of the Submarine S-80

In addition, they admit that many other countries have shown “curiosity” to know the development of the S-80 program, although they have never come to take a firm step towards a possible purchase. “In the international fairs Navantia attends, the Pear class is always on the table,” they say.


Source: El Confidencial Digital