Turtle Attacked by Predators has Recovered and has Returned to the Sea

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The Brevard Zoo dismissed the giant 90 kg turtle of weight in Cocoa Beach, after being rehabilitated from its previous painful condition. This Monday, September 24, with the help of an Ocean Rescue UTV from Brevard County, she was taken to the beach and released into the sea.

The turtle stole the heart of its keepers, from the moment it was found on February 24 of this year with old predator attack wounds. She lacks most of her right front fin, and at that time had severe lacerations on her left front fin, head, neck and on the carapace. In addition, it was with little weight, with parasites and without desires to eat.

On March 5 the situation was serious: “We made our first bandage change on Friday and the wound looks good! In addition to the fin wound, we are concerned about your diet. She was eating some fish, but her appetite seems to be decreasing, “wrote the Brevard Zoo on its website.

On March 10, the turtle Guacamole decided that it did not want to eat alone, so it began to be fed with a probe in a rather complex process due to its large size.

On March 18, 2018, she began to defecate, which was a great joy for the team that looked after her because it indicated that her gastrointestinal tract was working.

May 7 was a great day because she started eating again. “This turtle continues to surprise us every day, and we could not be happier with its progress!” Wrote the Brevard Zoo.

During the months of May, June and July he began to swim and also gained weight. Also, he was strengthening his fins.

After many blood tests, stools and x-rays, on September 15 it was announced that the turtle had completed its last round of treatment for the Caryospora parasite infestation on August 30 and that once free of the parasites, it would be ready. to be released at sea.

On September 21, the zoo announced that the turtle Guacamole was returning home, to the sea, free.

Turtle Attacked by Predators has Recovered and has Returned to the Sea

In social networks they asked the public to join them at Lori Wilson Park, in Cocoa Beach, on Monday, September 24 at 3 pm, dressed in green as the colour of the turtle, to show support, being the first turtle adult green marine that the zoo releases.



Source: Miami Diario