Turkish Company Plans to Produce 15 Tons of Fish for Export in the DR

The famous Turkish fishing company Kiliç Holding works for the mass production of fish in the Republic, a country that has always lived with its back to the sea, with a view to exporting to large consumer markets such as the United States and Canada.

Although the company has been in the Dominican Republic for two years, it is planned to make the first export to North American markets by the end of this year.
Chousein Nouredin Oglou, general manager of Kiliç Holding in the Dominican Republic, indicates that the production projection of the company in the Dominican Republic is approximately 15 thousand tons of fish, in five or ten years.

Currently, it indicates, it produces three types of fish in cages inside the sea: sea bass, bream and cobia.
Explains that its purpose is to produce for the markets already mentioned, as unfortunately, the consumption of fish in the DR is very low, although it is proposed to develop an aggressive marketing and publicity campaign to motivate Dominicans to consume the marine species.

He points out that the country’s tourism market is not enough, which is why he thinks of a broader market, so Dominicans should be aware that fish consumption is healthier.
He emphasizes that the United States and Canada are aware of the benefits and how healthy it is to consume seafood, which is why the company sends to these markets, from its headquarters in Turkey, a large part of its production.

The distance between the United States and Turkey, he says, is the main obstacle to export to the North American market, since a flight takes up to 18 hours.

Advantages of RD. Hence, he affirms, the advantage offered by the Dominican Republic to produce and export the goods to the designated destinations, both by air and by sea, since in just four hours they would be in the US market.
To that end, he says, some modifications are made to the packaging station and measures are taken with respect to air traffic control regulations imposed by the US FDA.
It also works to build a large packing station in Santo Domingo for fish production, both for local consumption and for export.

Risks Nouredin argues that the company wants to do all the production in the country but need parents (parents) who are in Turkey and it is very expensive to bring them to the Dominican Republic. Also, he explains, it is very risky because he does not know how the species will respond in the Dominican environment, so we would have to wait a long time to try. Among the risks in the country cited the intense marine currents, diseases, pollution of water by solid waste that reach the sea through the rivers, as well as pirates. He explains that oil spills, thunder, algae, plastics and garbage, in general, prevent the production of fish with a commercial purpose.

Turkish Company Plans to Produce 15 Tons of Fish for Export in the DR

He points out that eight containers with food and equipment for production took time to be removed from the port due to the truckers’ stoppage, which put at risk the existence of the company in the country.



Source: Hoy