Tsunami and Radioactive Fallout: US Experts Analyze Putin’s ‘Final Judgment weapon’

Russian nuclear weapons deployed on submarine drones are capable of destroying entire coastal cities, warns Dave Mosher in his article for the British edition of the Business Insider newspaper.

The author makes reference to the Status 6 system, known in the media of some western countries as ‘weapon of the final judgment’. It is assumed that this submarine drone is capable of carrying 50 megaton warheads.

According to Mosher, a nuclear torpedo of 20 to 50 megatons used near the coastline can cause a devastating tsunami.

“Due to the effect of amplification of the seabed, it is possible that the waves of the tsunami reach 100 meters in height,” Rex Richardson, physicist and researcher of nuclear weapons, told the media.

Richardson and other analysts also pointed out that a near-shore explosion of such weapons could absorb tons of ocean sediment, radiate it and make it rain over nearby areas, generating catastrophic radioactive fallout.

If the explosion occurred off the coast of a city like Los Angeles or San Diego, the devastating effect of nuclear rain would be even greater because of frequent sea winds, they added.

However, another expert, Greg Spriggs, opined that a tsunami created by a nuclear weapon cannot be very large since not all the energy would be directed towards the coast and a large part would be wasted returning to the ocean.

The secret item Status 6 was announced for the first time in 2015 after an accidental leak of information, according to the official version. The description of Status 6 said that one of his tasks was to cause unacceptable damage to the enemy by creating vast areas of radioactive contamination on the coast that were unfit for life for a long time.

Some experts believe that the characteristics of this system coincide with the nuclear submarine drone recently presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his annual address to the Federal Assembly.

It is expected that these drones will be able to descend great depths and move at intercontinental distances at speeds several times greater than those of submarines, the most modern torpedoes and all types of surface ships.

Tsunami and radioactive fallout US experts analyze Putin's final judgment weapon

They can arm themselves with both conventional and nuclear munitions, which will allow them to destroy a wide range of targets, including carrier groups and coastal infrastructure. However, the Russian president did not specify whether it is the Status 6 object or another weapon.

At the same time, the Russian authorities reiterated on numerous occasions that Russia’s new weapons do not threaten countries that have no plans to attack it and the military doctrine of the country has an exclusively defensive character.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News