Trump Policies Are Even Affecting the Turtles on This Region

Tamaulipas beaches are preferred by these chelonians to reproduce; in the entity they prepare the spaces to receive them.

The white and soft sand of the Tamaulipas coast is preferred by Kemp’s ridleys to spawn, so the spaces to receive and protect them are already being prepared.

On the coast of this entity in northeastern Mexico is the sanctuary of this endangered species, in Rancho Nuevo, located on the beaches of the municipality of Aldama, almost three hours from Tampico.

In this month of March, a veritable army of volunteers joined the efforts to prepare the tortuguero fields distributed in the 470 kilometers of the Tamaulipas coast, where close to 90% of this species arrives in the season of oviposition that goes from the month. from April to August.

The National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp), the Secretariat of the Navy – Armada of Mexico and associations such as La Gaviota Vida Marina are added to these efforts of preservation and care.

With their hands, they clean the sand where the shelters will be placed, on the beaches of La Pesca, in Soto La.

They are mostly young people who go every Sunday to the shore of the Gulf of Mexico to join in these tasks with which little by little the recovery of the species is being achieved.

The president of the environmental group “La Gaviota Vida Marina“, Georgina Téllez Conde, assured that “by mid-March it is necessary to finish the cleaning of the spaces for the fields since Conanp plans to put them together and maybe they are the same young people. who collaborate. ”

Although the arrival of this species in the north of Veracruz is to a lesser extent, in Playa Hermosa, the El Chachalaco camp is installed in the municipality of Pueblo Viejo, which is managed and cared for by personnel from the Conservation of Biodiversity group. Environmental Educators (Cobea), as well as the Center for Technological Studies of the Sea (Cetmar).

In Miramar there are 52 young people who have moved to clean thoroughly by removing all the waste in the area, and then with mosquito net screening the sand until it is completely clean so that from April to August the topsoil season occurs, the nests are in ideal conditions.

The Miramar tortuguero field is located on the coast of the municipality of Ciudad Madero entering by kilometer 4 of the Luis Donaldo Colosio Urban Corridor, precisely at the height of what is known as Playa Escondida.

Tamaulipas is a preferred state for the species to arrive and avoposit, registering according to the latest report of the Conanp in the 2016 season a total of 14 thousand 6 nests and the birth of 686 thousand 40 offspring.

In parallel, actions are taken to avoid fishing in the coastal zone, since the nets and threads generate the mortality of sea turtles, as was recorded in previous years.


The policy applied by the Donald Trump government against Mexico affected the bi-national turtle protection plan, since resources were substantially reduced this year.

These activities were carried out in collaboration with the Gladys Porter Zoo, based in Brownsville, United States, who since 2017 has suspended collaborative actions with the Tamaulipas association called reptiles, amphibians, mammals and more.

Trump Policies Are Even Affecting the Turtles

The legal representative of the civic group, Rosana Núñez, said that “we had many years to do a wintering project in winter, but this year was the first one that will not be applied.”

Through this project, which was carried out for four decades with the American zoo, turtles were assisted by cold or icy currents covering 250 kilometers of coastline from La Pesca point, in Soto La Marina to the destination of Miramar in Ciudad Madero


Source: el Sol de Tampico