Trump Insists on ‘His Wall’ After Inspecting a Narco Submarine

US President Donald Trump has inspected a semi-submarine seized drug traffickers during a visit to the headquarters of the Southern Interagency Joint Task Force, a federal anti-smuggling and drug trafficking agency, in Key West ( Florida), April 19, 2018.

Trump called the briefing on drug trafficking a “great lesson” and underscored the need to realize the wall he had promised to build along the US-Mexico border to help stop drug smuggling.

“Drugs are coming to our country,” Trump told reporters in Key West. “We need protection at the border. We need the wall, “stressed the president.

Trump insists on 'his wall' after inspecting a narco submarine

Trump has made it a priority to take measures against the flow of illegal drugs but has spoken less frequently about illicit substances that arrive through US ports. and the mail system.


Source: hispanTV