Toxic Smoke from Boat Fire:  At Its Worst, Firefighters Had One Meter of Sight

The firemen had to go through narrow corridors with dense poisonous smoke when a fishing boat took fire on Friday morning.

The smoke was first observed Friday night on the Russian fishing boat located at Kimek Kaia in Kirkenes. Between seven and eight o’clock in the morning the fire flared up, and the fire brigade moved out with full force.

It was told to police deputy leader Tor Erlend Andersen.

“The conditions were quite demanding. It’s cramped and very few entrances. At its worst the sight was one meter, says Andersen.”

The toxic smoke originally came from the freezer compartment on the 52 meters long vessel, reports the police operation center. The smoke has not blown towards the center.

The fire department put in a pump that sucked out some smoke. During the nineties smoke smokers were coming down. Some water has flushed into the boat, but it is still steady.


“Parts of the crew want to be on their boat. As long as there is no acute hazard, we will not prevent them from it, “says the leader.”

The crew consists a total of 15 men. No one is reportedly injured as a result of the incident. Kimek Kaia is used mostly by Russian fishing boats which are being maintained on the Kimek yard.


Source: ifinnmark