Towing with Parts of the Ship Drifted Across

Schrecksekunde on Wednesday on the Kiel Canal. Shortly after leaving the Holtenauer lock, the drive failed in a towing train with large shipbuilding sections. There had already been an incident in Brunsbüttel during the night.

At 10 o’clock he had left the lock with the tugs “Serval” and “Kitzeberg” and started the journey to Brunsbüttel.

The towing train was loaded with two 500-tonne sections for the new cruise liner “Aidanova”, which is under construction at the Meyer Werft in Papenburg. When passing the northern port in Kiel, there was then at 10.20 clock at the tug “Serval” a drive problem.

As a result, the association ran out of control and came between several cargo ships transversely to the direction of travel. From the lock, the tugboat “Holtenau”, which had just been used for work on the damaged vessel, was sent to the towing train. The “Holtenau” went alongside the tugboat “Serval”. Together with the “Kitzeberg” managed the “Holtenau” to bring the tow without damage to the North Harbor,

Another incident at Brunsbüttel

Since night in Brunsbüttel a ship against which was due to considerable overload on the part of the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for transport and transport industry a further driving ban, said the water police. At around 23.50, Brunsbüttel officials inspected Belize flagship motor ship “Right Step” (home port of Belize City) in the New North Lock.

Shortly after leaving the Holtenau lock, a tug-of-war with large shipbuilding sections crashed.

Here, the police found a Freibordunterschreitung of ten centimeters and an overload of 146 tons. Overall, the officers on the ship, which was on the journey from Hamburg to Abenraa in Denmark, found around 5300 tonnes of rubble and contaminated soil. A security deposit amounting to 1700 euros was ordered against the skipper, and BG Verkehr issued a ban on driving.


Source: Kieler Nachrichten