Tourist Trips on a 1905 Ship

Last Saturday, from Cádiz, the three-masted schooner Anne Bonny arrived at the port of Malaga, whose name corresponds to what is considered the first pirate woman in history. This boat, built in 1905, is moored in the capital of the Costa del Sol to position itself and perform from its fixed berth at the dock 2 walks through the bay and nautical events.

After obtaining a few months ago one of the concessions offered by the Port Authority to make trips by sea, this sailboat, managed by a group of Malaga businessmen from the maritime sector, arrived in the waters of the bay to become a very special swallow. The boat, nothing similar to those that have made these trips in recent years, was subjected to a major restoration of two months in the port of Cadiz.

Managed by three sailors: captain, chief engineer and sailor, the Anne Bonny can embark a total of 90 passengers. With two wide decks, the main one and the upper one divided into several levels, the schooner also has a large interior room from which access to a diaphanous cellar prepared for different uses. Enabled with two bars, a kitchen and two toilets, it has all the mandatory safety and navigation elements of a working boat. This three-masted sailboat will begin to sail regularly in early May.

The claim of the operating company is to make six daily departures in the summer months, with one hour of travel, while there will be four departures the rest of the year. Although the prices per trip are still to be determined, the possibility is considered that the shipment per person amounts to 15 euros. In addition to these exits, those of a swallow to use, Anne Bonny will offer events on board for longer. These navigations, which in no case may exceed eight hours, will make this century-old schooner a leisure place for any type of private celebration.

Built in Oslo in 1905, this boat started its sea life as a fishing boat with the name Balder. Rebuilt in 1918 as Balder I, in 1947 he changed his steam propulsion system for diesel to continue fishing in the waters of northern Europe. Converted into a cabotage freighter in 1953, six years later, this vessel was renamed Lindholm, maintaining its merchant activity until 1992.

Tourist trips on a 1905 boat

That year a French company bought it to be refurbished as a three-masted sailboat. Sailing as a schooner under the name La Flibuste, in 2010 the ship was captured in Cádiz with 1,500 kilos of cocaine. After that incident, which occurred in 2013, a Spanish shipowner bought it in a public auction, taking over the sailboat and changing its name to that of the first pirate woman in history. A historic ship that arrives at the port for trips and tourist events through the waters of Malaga.


Source: Malaga Hoy