Top Secret, The Life Inside One of the Most Terrifying American Under Sea Weapons (videos inside)

Daniel Brown, a columnist for the Business Insider newspaper, reveals the secrets of the USS submarine John Warner, which launched six missiles at Syria last April. The author presented to the public several videos that show how the fearsome ship is from within.

US submersibles are highly classified and rarely exposed to the public, observe the journalist. However, Daniel Brown managed to get on board the Warner accompanied by the big boss Mark Eichenlaub.

The USS John Warner is divided into three levels. The upper level houses the majority of cabins for the crew, the middle level is the operating space, and the lower level is where the nuclear reactor and other engineering devices are located.

Eichenlaub showed the journalist the dormitory of the executive officers.

Also, the military took the journalist to the section for the Navy Seals, the main special operations force of the United States Navy.

“In fact, that’s how we would get the Seals out of the submerged vessel, a Seals platoon would be here, a total of 14 people, and this chamber would be filled with water until it matches the pressure of the outer sea. Inside and outside the boat, the hatch would open and they could swim out of a full chamber into the open sea. ”

Then came the turn of the most classified area of the submarine: mission control. When the journalist entered this section, all the monitors were off. Sonar, launch control and navigation computers are centralized here.

The Warner has no periscope and uses photonic masts mounted on the outer tower that provide a view over the water to any monitor on the ship.

Eichenlaub also showed the launch control post for torpedoes and cruise missiles.

The following video shows the two travel control systems.

Finally, the journalist took a look in the torpedo room. The Mark 48 Advanced Capacity torpedoes can travel at more than 80 km / h, but their top speed is technically classified, says Daniel Brown.

The submarine USS John Warner measures about 115 meters long, 10 meters wide and approximately 15 meters high. The vessel also has a displacement of 7,800 tons and can reach depths of more than 240 meters.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News