This Woman Disappeared into the Sea and was Later Found Alive in the Same Place. What Exactly Happened?

A woman who had disappeared into the sea after being dragged by a huge wave on a beach in Indonesia was found alive by her relatives in the same place 18 months after the event occurred, reports the local news Tribune News.

In January 2017, 53-year-old Nining Sunarsih was enjoying a vacation with her sister and grandson in the seaside resort of Citepus, when suddenly she was surprised by a huge wave and dragged out to sea.

After reporting the incident to the police, the authorities launched a search operation, after a few days without news the woman was presumed dead.

However, the father of the missing woman refused to accept that his daughter was dead and tells the local media that one night he began to have dreams in which his daughter was waiting for him on the beach where she was last seen, reason by which he decided to move to the same place of the accident after the dream was repeated repeatedly.

This was how the relatives of Nining decided to start the search again but now by their own hands and began to look for the woman for several weeks until one day, around midnight, they found her lying on the floor in an unconscious state, just about 500 meters from where he had disappeared a year and a half ago.

After being transferred to her home, the woman was examined by doctors, who confirmed that her health was stable and had no serious injuries. Since then, the woman has recovered and even been able to eat and drink, although she has not yet recovered the ability to speak for which she could not yet be questioned about the strange facts.

As you see the story of this family sowed doubts in some local media, investigating a little more that could verify that according to the coastguard service, the day in which Sunarsih was allegedly dragged by the sea no report of missing persons was presented in the zone, while records show that there were no big waves that day.

On the other hand, a photo of a woman very similar to Nining Sunarsih that was shared by many users on WhatsApp added more doubts about the case, as details, the image belongs to a patient of a rehabilitation center for indigent people or with mental problems from the neighboring town of Palabuhanratu, who would have escaped from the institution.

53-year-old Nining Sunarsih

Meanwhile, the police have started an investigation and asked people not to draw hasty conclusions until the case of Nining is clarified.

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Source: Frontera Info