This Submarine May Become a Local Museum in Cartagena, Spain

A motion for debate in the Assembly asks the regional government to coordinate with the City Council so that the submersible becomes a museum at sea on the submarine weapon – The Consistory values various projects to recover the ship.

The thirteen years that the Tonina submarine adds to the Navantia vessel may be nearing its end. And, a motion in the Regional Assembly seeks to get enough support to ask the regional government to sit at a table with the City of Cartagena and the Executive of the Nation to turn the submersible into a floating museum, which would require conditioning its interior to make it visitable in order to turn it into an element of tourist attraction of local and regional interest.

It is the proposal launched by the deputy of the popular parliamentary group Elena Ruiz Valderas. According to the text to be discussed in the next few days in the autonomous chamber, Cartagena “is a reality as a tourist destination, something that is confirmed with the increase in tourists year after year.” Therefore, the deputy calls for “continue looking for market niches” in this regard and puts the focus on the “historical-military tourism. ”

In fact, Ruiz Valderas speaks of the Military Arsenal as a shipyard and naval base “of great importance”, with a permanent collection of more than 3,000 funds, covering the history of the Navy since the creation of the Maritime Department of the Levant in 1728 to the present… It also highlights the Naval Museum and the Isaac Peral room, with the submarine and its inventor as protagonists.

Therefore, the PP deputy believes that the recovery of the Tonina as a floating museum can give a boost to tourism in this regard. Ruiz Valderas recalls that the construction of the S-60 class, which corresponds to the submersible, took place between 1968 and 1974. The Tonina, in its 32 years of service, sailed 31,000 hours and travelled more than 200,000 miles, being given low in September 2005 and waiting for a new destination in Cartagena. Since then he has been at Navantia’s facilities and there are many critical voices that lament “the state of abandonment” to which he has been led.

The motion of the popular parliamentary group recalls that the City Council studied a macro project to win a place to the sea, put the submersible on land and turn it into a museum, although “abandoned the idea.” Also, Ruiz Valderas gives as an example the submarine S-61 Dolphin, which in 2004 became a floating museum in Torrevieja, “being a revulsive that in 10 years has exceeded one million visits, ” argues the deputy.

Now, the parliamentary groups will study the proposal and decide whether to give it the green light and urge the central, regional and local governments to meet to reach some agreement on the submersible.

This Submarine May Become a Local Museum in Cartagena Spain

Waiting for budget

From the City Council, as already published THE OPINION, insist that “there is no defined project”, so they are assessing all the projects in which to invest. Also, local government sources point out that the handicap that counts the Consistory is budgetary. The Executive does not have the accounts for the current year and is tied hands to distribute the money. “Until the 2018 budget is approved, nothing can be done, ” they say, and remember that they continue “with significant budgetary restrictions.”
Among the projects that have been shuffled since 2015 is a large museum next to Heroes de Cavite square, designed by a student of the UPCT, or take it to the old road that runs under the bridge of Mompean, in Santa Lucia.


Source: la opinion de Murcia