This Is What Happens When an Abused Bull Stepped on the Beach for the First Time (Video)

A video that appeared on Facebook quickly became viral because of the great emotional load it has since in the images you can see a bull that was saved, first step on the beach.

The animal that in more than one occasion was mistreated, was ready to be taken to a bullfight where he would have a sad, however, his fate would have a beautiful change.

The Facebook account is owned by a Spanish animal group that usually fight for the release of animals, and by achieving their goal they usually take them to different places where they can be protected, cared for and loved. But there was one in particular who did not want to be separated from those who gave him his freedom.

“It is not an aggressive animal,” said one of the girls who was in the rescue, so they moved the bull to one of the most beautiful places and somehow symbolizes freedom, the beach. The reaction of the bull surprised and touched those present, as it showed how much he liked the place.

You can see the animal throwing tears of joy, perhaps you can say it was gratitude after living so long locked and with a destination already traced. In the video you can see the animal playing with the sand as if it were a puppy. Apparently, the animal was impressed with the feeling of sand and sea.

For obvious reasons, the viral protagonist of Facebook did not stay on the beach and was taken to a farm where he will share space with other animals but above all he will have a happy and respected life, far from a situation where his life is at risk.