This Is The Story of the Blind Professor Who Teaches How to Surf

Aitor ‘Gallo’ Francesena is an example of overcoming. He was born with a degenerative eye disease, he lost vision in his right eye in 14 years and in 2011 he was completely blind after an accident at sea, but the adversities have not prevented the Gipuzkoa from continuing to practice his two great passions: surfing and teaching

“Being blind, everyone says that it is not possible to teach, but there are many ways (and different) to teach. Now I am dedicated to the training of young people who, although they are blind and it seems to be a lie, can be carried out by working on a frame, “says the Zarautz surfer.

Francesena ignored the prohibitions and became a young figure on the beaches of the Basque Country since she was young. He was a co-founder of the first surf school in Spain and coach of great champions such as Aritz Aranburu.

“In fact, I work with people and those people have great results, so it is clear that something is going well, even though I am blind,” Gallo says proudly.

Aitor Gallo Francesena the blind surf teacher

In 2016, Aitor became the first Adapted Surfing World Champion. The Zarautz continues competing in a sample more than the human being has no limits.


Source: Euronews