“They’re Holding on to the Cane”: Dramatic Rescue of Two Girls on a Beach in Argentina

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It happened in Mar de Sud, in a sector where there is no lifeguard service. A fisherman and a man who got into the water saved them.

A dramatic situation was experienced this Sunday on the beaches of Mar del Sud where two girls aged 11 and 13 were rescued miraculously, with the help of a fisherman. The beach is known as El Chino, it is very dangerous and does not have a lifeguard service.

Two girls who were in the place got into the sea and the currents and waves prevented them from leaving. Fortunately, a fisherman who was in the place, could help with their fishing equipment to be saved.

One of the girls held on to the tanza, while the other had to be helped by a young man who was in the place. The girls had to be transferred to a Health Room.

The beach is one of the most dangerous in the area due to the currents that form. Five years ago a man drowned in the place. The Lifeguard Association had already sent a note to the municipality requesting coverage in that area.



Source: La Capital del Mar Plata