They Would Avoid Illegal Crossing by Beaches in Mexico

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Since arriving in the city, five Central American migrants have tried to enter the American Union by sea.

Tijuana. – In order to prevent the members of the migrant caravan from crossing the Tijuana sea, lifeguard authorities from both sides of the border gathered to establish actions and avoid fatalities, informed the manager of the Tijuana Fire Department, José Luis Jiménez.

“The meeting was held before the start of the summer season, and this time they showed us a team that they will implement for the rescues of the area,” he said.

Since the Central American migrants arrived in the city, he said, five have tried to enter the American Union by sea; three of them were transferred to local health institutions for presenting hypothermia.

The new equipment consists of an inflatable boat that authorities throw into the sea and is activated to rescue the person.

five Central American migrants have tried to enter the American Union by sea

Although the meetings between both authorities are constant to address the migratory issue that could be registered in the area, he said that, on this occasion, they intensified the work before the possibility of an attempt of massive crossing by the area.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, December 5 with elements of the lifeguard area of ​​the city of Tijuana and authorities of the border patrol of the Imperial Beach city adjacent to Tijuana beaches.



Source: El Solde Tijuana