They Will Review Oil Infrastructure after Spill

After the oil spill in the Magdalena River that was presented last week after breaking a pipe in the ‘Island 6’ in Puerto Wilches, the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Luis Gilberto Murillo, said that Ecopetrol has control of the stain in the flow, is working on the repair of the line and the next will be to investigate the reason for what happened.

To start with the restoration of the ecosystem

He indicated that he has asked the National Environmental Licenses Authority (Anla) to ask Ecopetrol and other oil companies to review the infrastructure considering that some are in poor condition.

“There are indications that some pipes and valves of the oil infrastructure may be very old, so they will need replacement so that it does not become a future threat. We are working on this to control the tools that are being used to extract the oil. hydrocarbon, “said the Minister of Environment.

Murillo also affirmed that the decision not to implement in Colombia the exploitation of hydrocarbons known as francking remains firm.

They Will Review Oil Infrastructure after Spill

“The roadmap is not ready to give the green light to fracking that is false.¬†With the environment you cannot play and until we are sure that this activity can be done with all the necessary measures to protect water, aquifers and underground water tanks with quality technology, good monitoring systems and reports, the country does not will go on that path, at least this Government, “he said.


Source: Vanguardia