They Were Carrying 147 Kilos of Cocaine on a Ship to Belgium

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Before the elements presented by the Public Ministry, Jhormasd Marcano, Andrés Torres and Jholbys Gamarra, all Venezuelans, in complicity with 13 Filipinos, three Russians and one Ukrainian, were deprived of their liberty.

On October 7, the 20 crew members were detained by GNB officials for carrying, in a suction grid of the hull of the Panamanian flag vessel José Progress, a cache of 147 kilos of cocaine.

The boat was docked at the dock of the José Antonio Anzoátegui Petrochemical Complex, north of that entity in the east of the country. His destination was Belgium.

“In the suction grid, on the port side of the ship, several sacks were hidden, so they ordered some divers to open it. After extracting the packages, they discovered that they contained 124 packages of cocaine, which yielded a total weight of 147 kilos, “the MP reported on its website.

They Were Carrying 147 Kilos of Cocaine on a Ship to Belgium

All were charged for the offences of trafficking in narcotic and psychotropic substances in the form of concealment and transportation, as well as association.



Source: Panorama