They Teach Marines How to Survive in Storms and Subsidence

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The aircraft is in danger. It falls to the sea in the middle of a storm with the crew on board. Waves up to two meters high; the challenge is to survive …

Those at risk manage to board a lifeboat; everything is a simulacrum.

This is the facilities of the Integral Training Center for Survival in the Sea. Here, cadets and students learn from the most basic course of survival swimming, to face hostile environments such as heavy rains, waves and thunderstorms.

“Wind, rain, haze and lightning are recreated at different times of the day in this center, which opened its doors in February 2018.”

It has modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology; its purpose: to increase the survival capabilities of the personnel of the Secretariat of the Navy (SEMAR).

“It is something that makes it unique, because it simulates a complex swell, as it could be in the sea. The lights go out, then we can have an emergency situation, of having to jump into the sea at night without seeing anything and having to react to crashing, for example. Simulate that entrance to the water, that disorientation that one perceives, having to take off the harness, get out, “says the helicopter pilot, Adrián Omar del Ángel Zúñiga.”

An inverted escape chair or a ship’s hull where boarding and abandonment exercises are carried out are instruments that make this school unique, not only in Mexico but throughout Latin America.

“Previously the aviation personnel was going to train in different parts or in different centers of other countries, then there began to be the need to have it, “says the director of the Integral Training Center of Survival in the Sea, Andrés Enríquez Vargas.”

They Teach Marines How to Survive in Storms and Subsidence

The simulator is part of the Naval Aviation School, located in La Paz, Baja California Sur.

“The challenge for the Naval Aviation School is to continue equipping the squadrons and aeronautical bases with trained personnel, committed and dedicated to the tasks we have in the Navy of Mexico, “says Lucio Fernando León, director of the Naval Aviation School of the Marine Secretary.”

The Center of Studies that this 2018 commemorates 75 years …

“They say it’s easy, but when you say 75 years and you know you belong to that small part of the story, I can sum it up in pride,” concludes the helicopter pilot, Arturo Zavala Herrera.

They Teach Marines How to Survive in Storms and Subsidence

This is the Survival Training Center in the Sea. It opened its doors in February 2018 It is part of the Naval Aviation School, which turns 75 years old. Marinos learn about survival and face hostile environments, Cadets and students face waves up to two meters high.



Source: UNOtv