They Save a Turtle That Had Been the Victim of Garbage Thrown in the Ocean

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We have seen how some crew members saved a turtle, who was entangled and had a plastic bottle embedded in her head.

Some crewmen were sailing in the middle of the sea , when they noticed that something unusual was floating. When they came to see what it was, they found a big surprise.

At first they thought that it was a creature that was swimming as usual; However, when they noticed it, they realized that it was a turtle that had been the victim of garbage thrown by people at sea

“This is what causes the excessive use of plastic on the planet and this is only a case of thousands”, can be read in the videodescription of Pancho Cavero, who shared it on their social networks. In the images you can see how the turtle has its head stuck in a bottle, just as it was entangled.

The people of the crew began to pull the animal, who was struggling to try to break free, because it looks like he was suffering from all the garbage that had been thrown by people. Everyone in the little boat began to cut the net quickly.

They save a turtle that had been the victim of garbage thrown in the ocean

After having completely released the turtle , they returned it to the sea so that it can retreat. In the images you can see how both the fins and a part of his head were hurt. A Facebook video has created awareness among all users, who began using the #PlasticoChallenge to make others understand that they should not throw this waste into the sea .


Source: La Republica