They Perform Oil Spill Simulation. Simulate Ship Crash At Sea

Commander of the First Naval Zone coordinated the actions.

The collision of two ships on the high seas was the start of a simulation carried out by the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, since the hydrocarbon spill was simulated in the sea, 21 nautical miles from the port of Altamira.

It was at 5:46 this Thursday that a collision was reported of a ship loaded with 800,000 barrels of oil from Houston, Texas, with a maintenance vessel of the Texas-Tuxpan Pipeline.

In this simulated collision, the oil spilled from the vessel called “Tanker II”, in addition to registering an explosion and fire.

The oil tanker presented the danger of sinking since, after the simulated collision, catastrophic damages were generated in the engine room.

Froylán Jiménez Colorado, Commander of the First Naval Zone, coordinated the actions to be taken in this accident, with the support of the Harbor Master, Secretary of Defense, Ports of Tampico and Altamira, State and Municipal Civil Protection of the area, as well as industrial companies that offered their support.

At sea, Semar patrols toured the area of affectation, rescuing the ship’s crew members at risk of sinking, while vessels installed hydrocarbon containment barriers.

They Perform Oil Spill Simulation. Simulate Ship Crash At Sea

According to the Commander of the First Naval Zone, these actions are undertaken so that there is coordination between the various corporations in the event of any contingent of this nature.

AVOID They place long networks containing oil, to avoid contamination.

INFORM The Semar makes a simulation on the southern coasts of the state.


Source: El Manana