They Found 721 Packets of Cocaine in a Ship Anchored in Panama Destined for Spain

The drug was hidden inside the ship’s water intakes. The vessel came from the Colombian port of Buenaventura and its destination was Spain.

The authorities of Panama reported on Wednesday found 721 drug packages on a ship from the Colombian port of Buenaventura destined for Spain.

The National Aeronaval Service (Senan) commissioner, Roberto Armejo, indicated that the drug, which according to local media is cocaine, was found in 16 packages hidden inside the ship’s water intakes.

The ship was anchored in the Port of Balboa, in the Panamanian capital, when it was registered by tactical divers of the Senan, in a joint operation with the Office of the Prosecutor, according to official information.

The Panamanian authorities have not confirmed if there has been an arrest in this case.

the Port of Balboa, in the Panamanian capital1

Panama seized at least 84.6 tons of drugs in 2017, mostly cocaine, a record figure according to official data released in December of that year by the Minister of Public Security, Alexis Bethancourt.


Source: El Mundo