They Found 296 Kilos of Cocaine in a Ship in the Border area of Ecuador with Peru

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The shipment of cocaine hydrochloride was in a vessel that stopped at Puerto Bolívar, province of El Oro, bordering Peru.

The Ministry of the Interior of Ecuador reported that the anti-narcotics police seized a shipment of 296 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride in a vessel calling at Puerto Bolivar, El Oro province, bordering Peru.

The drug was found in a container with banana boxes in the boat, which apparently left the port of the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil (southwest), according to the statement from the institution.

The inspection was carried out after one of the crew members informed the captain of the ship, that unknown persons had access to the site where the containers were placed.

“Supposedly, after handcuffing the crew member who made the case known, the strangers proceeded to contaminate with 298 packages, brick type, one of the containers that was on the deck of the ship, which was destined for New Zealand, ” he said. Ecuadorian ministry.

With the help of dogs from the anti-narcotics unit, the police inspected each of the seals placed in the containers until it was determined that the safety of one, belonging to a fruit export company, had been altered and they found the alkaloid there.

They Found 296 Kilos of Cocaine in a Ship in the Border area of Ecuador with Peru

He added that in the operation, called “Blue Star”, prosecutor René Ormaza of the Aquatic Crime Unit intervened and that the alkaloid blocks had the logos of two multinationals that produce technological equipment.

“The case is being investigated until we determine the details of how the contamination was carried out, which could have been in the quarantine area, as the area near the Maritime Port of Guayaquil is known,” explained one of the police officers who intervened in the case.


Source: Peru21