They Find Strange Marine Creature in Vietnam and it Terrifies Them [VIDEO]

The discovery of a strange creature terrorized thousands of cybernauts. The images were captured in Vietnam.

The following images seem to be from a horror movie. Video showing a strange sea creature was found on the beaches of Vietnam. The images terrify in social networks.

According to the publication, the strange marine creature was found by  Du Nam Du, a local guide who travelled the beach of Kien Giang province in southern Vietnam.

‘It is not known if it is an animal or vegetable”. Another witness to the finding described the sea creature as a ‘monster’, because of its peculiar appearance.

Some netizens say that it would be a creature that left the seabed after millennia. What is true up to now is its rare aspect and a mystery that several botanists will try to solve.

According to the description of the video, the strange creature was found on August 29 and was returned to the sea.



Source: La Republica