They Find Seals That Expel Mysterious Animal by the Nose

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Seals in danger of extinction have eels stuck in their noses and specialists still can not find the reason

Monk seals live in Hawaii and in some parts of the United States and belong to animals in danger of extinction.

This species currently consists of 1,400 individuals and the threats that surround them are hunting, disease or entanglement in fishing nets, but a new enemy has emerged that gets stuck in his nose.

Circulate a photograph in which a Hawaiian monk seal has a long eel obstructing its nose.

Charles Littnan, one of the scientists of the research program of this marine creature belonging to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who shared the image, declared before the Guardian that:

“We have been monitoring monk seals intensively for four decades and we have never seen this before. Now it has happened three or four times and we do not know why. “

This worrying event goes back to the summer of 2016, when the first seal was found with an eel stuck in its snout, since then it has tried to solve the problem. Littnan added:

“They stay there, very tight. That is why the eel should be pulled hard to come out. Having a rotten fish inside your nose can cause some problems. “

They Find Seals That Expel Mysterious Animal by the Nose

This phenomenon would complicate the conservation of this species, as it can cause infections or decreased appetite or even in their ability to dive.

The possible reasons that the specialists have obtained would be that the seals regurgitate their food commonly and when vomiting the eels remain stuck in their noses.

Another theory would be that the eels hide in the nostrils of the seals to avoid being their food.

If constipation of mucus is already an uncomfortable symptom, now imagine these poor little foxes with their noses completely obstructed by an animal that is struggling to survive.


Source: la neta noticias