They Find More Than 2 Thousand Pounds of Cocaine on a Speedboat

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San Juan – A speedboat that sailed without lights through the waters of the Caribbean was spotted by the crew of a US Coast Guard plane 65 miles north of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and when they managed to intercept it, it was carrying 2,606 pounds of cocaine valued at 30 million dollars.

The Coast Guard reported that it intercepted the boat last Monday after 10 hours of chase to which two of its ships and two aircraft of the Customs and Border Protection Agency joined.

“In this case there was a high-speed chase of more than 10 hours under difficult climatic conditions that was possible thanks to the tenacity and persistence of the crew of (the vessel) Tezano and our partners, who are proud to have completed the mission and prevent a lot of drugs from reaching the streets, “said officer Mario Gil, in charge of Tezano.

They Commit More Than 2 Thousand Pounds of Cocaine

The speedboat was captured 95 miles northeast of St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, and authorities seized 52 bales of cocaine.

On the vessel there were three people who “claimed to be citizens of the Dominican Republic,” the Coast Guard said. The trio was arrested and transferred to St. Thomas, where they were taken into custody by special agents of the DEA, who are investigating this case.

The vessel of the alleged drug traffickers was destroyed because it was considered a danger to navigation.


Aource: Diario MX