They Find Missing Lifeless Marine After a Helicopter Accident

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On Saturday, October 20, in maritime surveillance operations against the poaching of the totoaba fish, the aircraft collapsed with 12 crew members, 11 were unharmed and one sailor remained missing.

After five days of searching, the body of the navy-navy cash of Mexico that had been missing since Saturday, October 20, when an MI-17 helicopter collapsed in the waters of the upper Gulf of California, between Sonora and Baja, was found dead. California.

Sources from the Fire Department in San Felipe confirmed the finding of the cash identified as Lieutenant of Corvette, Juan Mateo Cabrera, found by rescuers and fishermen around 8:00 am on this Thursday (10:00 time of Mexico City) floating several kilometres from the accident site.

It was last Saturday, October 20, at around 3:30 p.m., that the MI-17 helicopter participated in maritime surveillance operations against the poaching of the totoaba fish that is killing the population of the vaquita marina, when the aircraft was trying to persuade two boats to move them away from the fishing restriction zone, but it collapsed with 12 crew members of which nine were unharmed, two injured who are out of danger and one sailor who remained missing.

The search and rescue operation involved 276 elements, four aircraft, three helicopters, two ocean patrols, two interceptor patrols, four defense-type vessels, a vessel of the NGO Sea Shepherd, a vessel belonging to the Whale Museum; of the First Submarine Works Company, 20 specialized divers in search and rescue of sunken vessels.

For several years, in the Upper Gulf of California there has been a controversy between federal authorities, environmental organizations, fishermen and criminal groups for the capture of totoaba, a fish known as “cocaine of the sea” because of its high value in the Asian black market; due to the use of gill nets for curving and sierra fishing.


Source: Excelsior