They Discover the Oldest Sunken Ship in History

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The ship, found at the bottom of the Black Sea, had sunk nearly 2,400 years ago.

A team of archaeologists has discovered a Greek ship sunk for more than 2,400 years at the bottom of the Black Sea. With a length of 23 meters, it was discovered on the coast of Bulgaria at 1,500 meters depth with the mast, rudders and benches in a good state of preservation. For the Anglo-Bulgarian expedition in charge of the Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project, it is the “oldest intact shipwreck in the world”.

“The lack of oxygen and light,” says the statement published on the page of The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust, might be two of the reasons for his state. These conditions allow preserving organic material for thousands of years, according to the group. During the time they have combed this terrain, considered “one of the best underwater laboratories for its non-oxygenated layer that preserves the artifacts better than any other marine environment”, they have found more than 70 vessels from different eras. This ship, found in this area known as the cemetery of shipwrecks, is estimated to be 480 BC, its cargo is unknown and it is most likely that the merchant sank due to a storm and had a crew of between 15 and 25 people.

Maritime archaeologists, scientists and surveyors who have been part of the project The Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project (Black Sea MAP) studied the bottom of the Black Sea with the aim of being able to understand in a more complete way the impact of climate change in the area. The team led by Jon Adams has claimed that the vessel found is very similar to what can be seen in the Siren Vase of the British Museum in London, a pottery that describes Ulysses tied to the mast of his ship while resisting the deadly attraction of the ship. Song of the Sirens. Both date from the same time according to a carbon dating.They Discover the Oldest Sunken Ship in History
“A ship that has survived intact since classical times, almost a kilometre and a half deep, is something I would never have thought possible, which will change our understanding of construction and navigation in the ancient world,” he said. Adams. The team has assured that they will not take the boat from the bottom of the sea but Black Sea MAP has recorded a documentary of two hours that will be screened at the British Museum.



Source: El Cultural