They Discover Horrifying Blue Creatures With Tentacles on the Beach (PHOTO)

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For a long time, explorers who travelled on ships believed that in the depths of the ocean lived gigantic monsters and unknown creatures. Now, with the advance of technology, it is known that there are large squids and other huge fish. However, the recent discovery on a beach baffled the scientific community for a moment.

It turns out that some tourists were touring the beaches of New Jersey, United States, when, unexpectedly, they found some ‘gruesome’ blue-coloured creatures, which had tentacles.

Before the surprise, they decided to take some pictures that, later, they shared in social networks with the purpose of alerting people.

‘They left a turquoise spot on the sand. His colour was so vibrant and unreal that I could not stop and pay attention, “said one of the witnesses in an interview.

According to information from local media, the mysterious creatures generated an uproar in networks and users created different theories, so Paul Bologna, marine biologist, gave an explanation.

They are specimens of a species called porpita, also known as blue button, which lives in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans “

They discover horrifying blue creatures with tentacles on the beach

He also mentioned that these organisms, unusual on the beaches of the United States, could be dragged by Hurricane Florence, which took the lives of 33 people and left untold and irreparable material damage, mainly in the Carolinas area.



Source: Laneta Noticias