They Discover a Huge Sea Monster on the Shores of the Beach

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The woman who found it did not believe what she was seeing, she could not explain what the creature was.

The beaches of Mazatlan, Sinaloa offer an unforgettable experience, most of them are good, but this time, a woman walking along the shore got a big shock when she discovered a great sea monster.

The creature was found dead, but its remains were stranded on the ocean coast.

At first, I could not identify the species to which the huge sea creature with large fangs and eel-like appearance belonged.

The animal seems at first glance a mixture of eel, snake and shark, so it was difficult to identify them immediately.

The inhabitants of Mazatlan accumulated to see the creature, while some thought it was nothing more than a piece of rope destroyed by sea salt.

The photos quickly flooded social networks while the hundreds of comments tried to help identify the sea monster. Then the authorities came to pick up the body to examine it.

In the end, it turned out to be nothing more than an eel of a little-known species that inhabits the deepest and darkest of the ocean.

They Discover a Huge Sea Monster on the Shores of the Beach

The marine authorities said that possibly the animal died and the waves brought it to the coast.



Source: La Sirena

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