They Confirm Drowning of Vaquita Marina

The necropsy performed on the first vaquita located dead in the Sea of Cortez resulted in death by incidental fishing, as well as dying of asphyxia, also presents penetrating injuries to the body.

The Commission for the Survival of Species of the International Union for Natural Conservation (IUCN-SSC, for its acronym in English), released the results of the copy located on March 27 by the Navy of Mexico.

The autopsy on the 40-kilogram specimen was carried out on April 4 of this year and several tissue samples were under the protection of researchers, while others were sent to the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla, California.

Other samples of Vaquita’s female were sent to the University of Illinois, in the United States, to perform histology tests, according to the autopsy report of the IUCN-SSC.

The analysis of the conditions in which the specimen of the vaquita was found, together with the result of the necropsy, resulted positive to death due to incidental illegal fishing.

They confirm drowning of Vaquita Marina
The last report of the International Committee for the Recovery of the Marine Vaquita (CIRVA) indicates that there are currently just under 30 specimens of this species in the Upper Gulf of California.


Source: El Imparcial