They Capture a Ship in the Atlantic With 1,400 Kilos of Cocaine

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Ten detainees in an offshore operation against a Moldavian-flagged ship.

The police have arrested 10 men in capturing in the Atlantic a Moldovan-flagged tug loaded with 1,400 kilos of cocaine bound for Europe, in the third blow that hits in a few months the Turkish drug trafficking mafias, according to its anti-drug unit (Udyco) ). The Breath tug arrived in the morning at the Las Palmas naval base escorted by the Armada Rayo vessel, which moved the special operations team (GEO) to 1,815 kilometres from the Canary Islands, which assaulted it in the open sea and stopped its 10 occupants. (seven Turks, one Georgian, one Ukrainian and one Bulgarian).

Commissioner Santos Bernal, head of the Udyco, stressed that this operation brings to almost 15,000 kilos the amount of cocaine seized by Spain this year on the high seas, aboard seven ships. “This is Turkish groups, this is the third operation we are doing in a short time against groups from that country,” he said.

The Breath had left Turkey for the coasts of South America. Without touching any specific port, he embarked on the high seas 41 bales of cocaine weighing more than 30 kilos each. The tugboat was on its way back from October, in an operation monitored for months by the National Police with the collaboration of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). When the GEO approached him, the drug was arranged on the deck with bales tied together, ready to be thrown out to the sea in case of emergency, police said.

They Capture a Ship in the Atlantic With 1,400 Kilos of Cocaine

The Udyco suspects that the tugboat was headed to some port in Europe or perhaps Spain, although in the latter case it says that the pressure of the security forces is exerting on the maritime routes of cocaine “is getting no access to drugs to the Spanish ports, “said Commissioner Bernal.



Source: El Dia de Cordoba