They Capture a Huge Crocodile that Generated Fear in Australia Since 2010 

The holder of the previous record was a 4.6-meter-long crocodile captured in 2011. He was captured and killed in 1974, also in the Northern Territory. For more than eight years, the giant crocodile that inhabited the Katherine River – north of Australia – had managed to escape from all the traps that had been set up to hunt it.

It is a true beast that was found in a water trap next to the city of Katherine after having been seen for the first time in 2010, according to the authorities. “It is the largest crocodile we captured in the Katherine River,” they said in a statement. Since then, the heads of this government agency have carried out various operations to hunt what is already considered the largest crocodile ever found in the Australian region. Known for its exotic and sometimes dangerous wildlife, including sharks and devils from Tasmania, Australia is home to more than 150,000 crocodiles.

These tremendous saurians, affectionately called salties, are quite common in marshes, rivers and lakes of the tropical zone of northern Australia (in the rest of the country they are not present), a region in which some beaches are forbidden to the bath and to the promenade by the shore because, basically, one of those sea monsters can come out and eat you. This year 190 crocodiles have been captured.

They Capture a Huge Crocodile that Generated Fear in Australia Since 2010 

This male saltwater crocodile measures 4.71 meters and weighs more than 600 kilos. A video also released by the Sarasota County Police shows the giant reptile with duct tape around its jaws the moment it is taken out of the water at Shamrock Park.


Source: Tribu Magazine