These Sailors Learn to Rescue Turtles Who Are Accidentally Captured

The Galician longline provides “first aid” workshops for accidental catches.

The Galician fishing fleet is increasingly aware of the need to preserve fishing resources and minimize the impact of its activity on the rest of the marine fauna. An example of this commitment has been the workshops given in recent days by the Galician longline fleet in which the sailors learned how to alleviate the effects of the accidental capture of turtles and what is the “first aid” that should apply to raise their chances of survival.

Crew members of several ships of the Organization of Longliners Guardeses (Orpagu) and the Organization of Fresh Fisheries Producers of the Port and Ría de Marín (Opromar) participated last week in this initiative, supported by both the Consellería do Mar and the Secretariat General of Fishing and that counts with the collaboration of the Catalan environmental organization Submon.

These Sailors Learn to Rescue Turtles Who Are Accidentally Captured

The people in charge of Submon explained to the sailors how to apply the appropriate techniques for the handling, extraction of hooks and basic aspects of surgery and liberation to favour that the specimens can get ahead. The training sessions, “pioneers” in Spain as far as the industrial longline fleet is concerned, according to sources from Orpagu and Opromar, were taught by the veterinarian and Submon specialist Mariluz Parga, who taught, among other aspects, how to perform ” resuscitation exercises for sea turtles. ”



Source: Farodevigo