There Was An “Unusual Rescue” of a Minke Whale in Punta del Este


Volunteers managed to introduce the minke whale in the ocean, which had been stranded in the sand, after three attempts.

An “unusual rescue case” of a minke whale occurred yesterday in Punta del Este, Rodrigo García, of the Cetacean Conservation Organization, informed Montevideo Portal.

The animal appeared at stop 14 of Playa Brava, in the sand. A group of volunteers tried to put it in the water three times and on the third attempt the cetacean swam and did not come back to shore.

“In most cases, they go out to recover with little success, why did it come out then if it was healthy and vital? Hard to tell, but killer whales in that area are common sightings and whales are often their prey,” said Garcia. who described the feat of “enormous and risky effort that cost Gonzalo Gabriel Cardozo some strong blow with the flow”.

The animal appeared in the morning and “spontaneous groups” of people began to collaborate in returning it to the sea although, as explained by Tesore, the whale had to be taken to the sea on more than one occasion because it varied in different parts of the coast.

Although the NGO has no way of knowing if the animal is in good condition until now there have been no new signs of it on the coast.

“It was a good weather and good temperature, that helped a lot and was an animal that had between 500 and 700 kilos that were always in the water, that made the task easier because they weigh less,” said the head of the NGO.

The whale is estimated to have measured three and a half meters and more than 10 people participated in its rescue.

There Was An Unusual Rescue of a Minke Whale in Punta del Este

Also, Tesore said that although the appearance of beached whales is not “something of every day”, it happens “often”. However, not all rescues are successful, since in the case of large whales the task “is difficult and often presents risks” for those involved.


Sorce: Montevideo