The US Send a Warship to Japan to Days of the Trump-Kim Summit

Three weeks before the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Washington has sent one of the most advanced warships, the USS Milnius, to Japan. (eventual) missile attack ‘by Pyongyang.

The warship arrived on Tuesday at the Yokosuka naval base – headquarters of the US Seventh Fleet – and seeks to “reinforce the defence (of Washington) against any ballistic missile attack by North Korea or any another in East Asia “, according to the British agency Reuters.

The USS Milnius “will support security and stability in the Indian-Pacific region by providing enhanced missile defence capabilities, such as a ballistic missile defence platform,” the US Navy said. through a statement.

Commander Jennifer Pontius, the captain of the ship, has highlighted the “updated” combat system of the USS Milnius, which “creates a greater capacity in several mission areas, such as the defence of ballistic missiles, electronic warfare, underwater warfare and the air war. ”

The USS Milnius is armed with missiles designed to fire warheads and will be part of a naval destruction force, which would be the US’s first line of defence. against any long-range ballistic missile fired by North Korea, says the information agency.

The deployment of the US vessel in the waters of Japan takes place at a time when doubts have arisen about whether or not the meeting between Trump and Kim will take place after North Korea threatened last week to cancel the summit in protest for the recent aerial combat simulations of Washington and Seoul.

The US Send a Warship to Japan to Days of the Trump-Kim Summit

North Korea has expressed its disagreement with the US war games. and South Korea, ensuring that dialogue and military maneuvers cannot be carried out at the same time.



Source: HispanTV