The US Navy Allows Women to Wear Ponytails, Loose Hair Was Banned For Years 

Women who serve in the US Navy will be able to wear ponytails and other longer hairstyles, reversing a policy that for a long time prevented them from wearing their hair down.

That will make the Navy more inclusive, said the director of marine operations, Admiral John Richardson.

Many black women have asked for changes to the rules of female settlement. A sailor announced the new policy during an event via Facebook Live on Tuesday with Richardson.

Hairstyles with loops and braids, as well as the larger buns are also allowed. And women can wear ponytails while wearing the uniform.

On Wednesday, at the Naval War College in Rhode Island, the women were excited to stop using buns, which do not fit well under their helmets.

The US Navy allows women to use ponytails

Commander Jess Cameron said it seems like a minor issue, but one that sends a bigger message.



Source: El Nuevo Dia