The US Coast Guard UU Seized Marijuana and Cocaine Valued at 47 Million Dollars

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Officials of the Coast Guard seized on October 16 3,516 pounds of cocaine and 50 pounds of marijuana, valued at 47 million dollars, according to the institution through a statement.

The officers unloaded the merchandise, which was confiscated in front of the Caribbean Basin, at the base of Miami Beach.

The shipment was seized from three vessels presumably smuggled off the coasts of the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Aruba by vessels Donald Horsley (WPC-1117), Vigilant (WMEC-617) and Charles Sexton (WPC-1108).

The Sixth carried out an operation on October 10, which resulted in a seizure of 2,700 pounds of cocaine, while the Horsley vessel carried out another operation on October 4, in which it seized nearly 816 pounds of cocaine. Meanwhile Vigilant took 50 pounds of marijuana in an investigation that culminated on September 30.

“The smuggling landed by the Bernard C. Webber team is a reflection of the professional experience and dedication of international agencies and partners to combat the flow of illicit drugs, through the Caribbean Region, which goes to the States United, “said Jeremy Montes, Coast Guard officer.

“These partnerships are imperative in the identification, interception and confiscation of vessels involved in illicit trafficking.” Without the hard work of the United States and international agencies, these illicit drugs would have a negative impact on the prosperity and security of the Caribbean Region. “he added.

Last August the Coast Guard also confiscated five tons of cocaine, worth 729 million dollars, which were unloaded in Port Everglades.

The US Coast Guard UU Seized Marijuana and Cocaine Valued at 47 Million Dollars

On that occasion, the operation took place on the coasts of Mexico, Central America and South America.

The Coast Guard Cutters ships Venturous, Steadfast and Alert seized most of the cocaine, with the help of Hamilton, Tampa and Mohawk.


Source: Ciber Cuba