The United States Navy Proposes a Great Demonstration of Strength to Warn China

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The Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy prepared a classified proposal to perform a global force demonstration as a warning to China and to show that it is prepared to deter and counteract its military actions, according to several defence officials. country.

The draft of the Navy proposal recommends that the US Pacific Fleet Perform a series of operations during a single week in November.

The objective is to carry out a series of highly focused and focused exercises involving warships, combat aircraft and US troops to show that you can counteract potential adversaries quickly on several fronts.

The plan suggests that sailing ships and planes flying near the territorial waters of China in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait in freedom of navigation operations demonstrate the right of free passage in international waters. The proposal means that American ships and planes will operate close to Chinese forces.

The defence officials emphasized that there is no intention of entering into combat with the Chinese.

While the US Army carries out this type of operations throughout the year, the proposal that circulates requires several missions to be carried out in a few days.

Although one official described it as “just an idea”, it is quite far from having an operative name classified attached to the proposal, which is circulating at various levels of the armed forces. Officials did not confirm the name of the potential operation.

US officials acknowledge that China often sees these missions as provocations. They also recognize that the intelligence community would have to weigh any concerns about China’s reactions.

The Pentagon refused to recognize or comment on the proposal. “As the defence secretary has said countless times, we do not comment on future operations of any kind,” said Lt. Col. David Eastburn, a Pentagon spokesman.

The US Pacific fleet also declined to comment.

The United States Navy Proposes a Great Demonstration of Strength to Warn China

The news of the Navy’s proposal comes days after what the Pentagon called an “unsafe” meeting between Chinese and US destroyers in the South China Sea.

The US Navy He said the Lanzhou Chinese destroyer was 41 meters from the USS Decatur, while the American ship was in a “freedom of navigation” operation near the islands claimed by the Chinese.

The 8,000-ton destroyers could have been within seconds of colliding, said Carl Schuster, a former US Navy officer who spent 12 years at sea.

The meeting of the destroyer culminated weeks of intense tensions between Beijing and Washington.

At a press conference last week, US President Donald Trump said his friendship with Chinese leader Xi Jinping could have come to an end.

“He may not be my friend anymore, but I think he probably respects me,” Trump said.

While the proposal for the week-long exercises is being driven by the US military, carrying it out during November, when the midterm elections are held in the US, could have political implications for the Trump government if the troops Americans are challenged by China.

Defense Secretary James Mattis and General Joseph Dunford, director of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will take into account the diplomatic implications of each mission, officials said. They will also have to consider the risk of suddenly moving forces to new areas away from planned deployments, and if areas of potential threat are being discovered by the military, especially in the Middle East.


Source: CNN Espanol