The Story of the Argentinian Surfer Who Was Attacked by a Shark… Fought and Won

Alejandro Travaglini, 37, freed himself from the animal by struggling and hitting. It happened in Australia, where he participated in a competition. “He literally fought for his life, he screamed and hit,” his companions told.

Alejandro Travaglini was born in Buenos Aires 37 years ago. She is a couple, has two children and lives in Margaret River, in southwestern Australia. He is surfer and son of Alejandro “Chiquito” Travaglini, former rugby player of the Los Pumas. On Sunday at 8:30 in the morning, at Cobblestones beach in Gracetown, south of Perth and on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Alejandro suffered a shark attack, while a World Surf League competition was held.

The witnesses confirmed to the local media how the episode was. “We were looking at the waves and suddenly we heard screams and saw someone fighting with something in the water, their board was far away,” described Lazaro, a friend of the victim, in dialogue with 9news. “This thing was a great shark and he wanted to eat it, he literally fought for his life, he screamed and hit, he went to him three or four times,” recalled Adam Kennedy, a companion who was also in the water, along with three other participants.

The shark bit him both legs and he, according to the statements of those who saw the confrontation, managed to get rid of the animal with a clean fist, dominated by impotence and the spirit of survival. He never lost consciousness and with the help of the sea, he was able to reach the coast. There he was attended by his colleagues, who performed a preventive tourniquet and first aid exercises until the paramedics arrived. He was then transferred by helicopter to the Royal Perth Hospital about 270 kilometres away, where he was finally operated on. St. John spokesman Dennis Bertoldo reported that Travaglini is stable after the operation.

“He is recovering in the Trauma Unit after the surgery on his two legs, he is with his family and does not want to talk to the media in this state,” they reported from the health centre, from where they broadcast the only message the doctor gave. Argentine surfer: ” I just want to thank the legends that helped me on the beach, ” he said.

Travaglini is a member of the WA Surfing team that works on the completion of the Margaret River Pro, an appointment that belongs to the World Surf League calendar. Justin Majeks, event director of the meeting, said surfing officials were devastated by the attack, reported that the young Argentine presented cuts on both legs and conceded: “We are working together to do everything possible to help him and his family to move on. ”

The attack merited the interruption for one hour of the international surfing contest of the World Surf League. The authorities of the competition released a statement in which they notified the resumption of the competition with a series of preventive measures: “The safety of surfers is the main priority for the WSL. When the competition resumes, they will be added other improved security measures to the mitigation protocols of the event, including the presence of jet skis and drones. ”

Alejandro Travaglini Attacked by Shark and Won

Two hours later, Jason Longgrass, 41, appeared in an ambulance after being bitten in the leg, near where Alejandro Travaglini had been attacked. That same beach had been closed after the body of a whale was seen and sightings of sharks almost five meters long were recorded.


Source: InfoBae