The Spectacular Moment in Which a Submarine Breaks Through the Ice (VIDEO)

The submarine participated in the biennial ice exercise called ICEX, which was prepared for five weeks.

This is the time when the USS Hartford submarine broke the ice in the Arctic Ocean during a training exercise.

The submarine participated in a multinational sea ice training called ICEX, which was prepared for five weeks. The ice they left was 16 inches thick, according to Ice Age Now, an organization dedicated to climate issues.

In the video, it shows how the USS Hartford breaks the layer of ice that covers the sea of ​Beaufort, located north of Alaska, in which it swings until it stabilizes on the surface.

“We are constantly testing new tactics, techniques and procedures under the ice and this exercise allows us to do it on a larger scale and together with our university partners, academics and the United Kingdom,” said Rear Adm. James Pitts, commander of the War Development Center. Underwater

The other submarine that participates in this exercise of fast attack USS Connecticut, also American, in addition to the British HMS Trenchant.


Source: Lopez Doriga