“The Solar Regatta-2018” Will Be Held in Novgorod the Great on May 26-27

May 26, 2018, in Novgorod the Great, will host the annual international engineering competitions “Solar Regatta – 2018”.

“Solar Regatta” – international engineering competitions, where teams of young talented engineers, students and schoolchildren, compete in the speed, maneuverability and endurance of environmentally friendly boats moving at the expense of solar energy. The event is held within the framework of the project “Engineering contests and competitions” of the road map “Marinet” of the National Technological Initiative. The organizer of the contest is the Autonomous non-commercial organization “National Center of Engineering Competitions and Competitions“, the general partner is “Maritime Center of Captain Varukhin NG”.

Competitions will be held in the central part of the city, on the Volkhov River, near the walls of the Kremlin’s oldest in Russia. This year the event will be divided into two events: “Solar Regatta” for adults and student crews and “Solar Regatta” for schoolchildren.

In 2018, 8 students from Moscow and the Moscow region and 10 teams from Azov, Astrakhan, Veliky Novgorod, Vladivostok, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod will take part in the international engineering competitions “Solar Regatta”. , Novosibirsk, Samara, Sochi and Cheboksary. To train children to build solar-powered boats and prepare schoolchildren’s teams for the All-Russian competitions “Solar Regatta”, the NC IKS in 10 regions of the country equipped interactive sites in the centres of children’s and youthful creativity.

Within the framework of the “school regatta” with the support of the Innovation Support Fund and the CMIT program, a new class of competitions – drones on solar batteries – opens. This class is aimed at the introduction of innovative technologies and solutions within the framework of implementing vocational guidance programs for schoolchildren in the regions of Russia.

On May 25, the theoretical stage of the engineering competitions for schoolchildren “Solar Regatta” will be held, which is being held by ANO NC IKS jointly with SevGU (Sevastopol State University). The theoretical stage includes complexes of subjects, united in the directions: “Natural sciences and informatics”, “Humanities”, “Engineering and technology”. Competitive quests contain questions related to marine issues.

The Solar Regatta-2018

Also these days through Veliky Novgorod there will be a catamaran on solar energy. It follows from St. Petersburg on the route Veliky Novgorod – Moscow – Astrakhan. From the Baltic to the Caspian Sea along the rivers Neva, Oka, Volga, the catamaran will pass more than 5 thousand kilometres through 20 regions of Russia within 90 days.



Source: Maritime News of Russia